Day 2 Cairns to Cape York

Hann River to Coen

171.9k. 7hrs26mins. 5,100Calories

After a great night sleep in one of the cabins and baked beans for breakie I was ready to hit the road.

The seemingly short 62k section between Hann River and my morning tea/lunch stop at Moreton Telegraph Station saw the dirt road deteriorate rapidly with dust holes, corrugations and plenty of loose sand.

Moreton was first built as an overland telegraph station in 1887, named after Sir Anthony Musgrave who was the Governor of QLD from 1883 to 1888.

The 4wds and Trucks were friendly with lots of waves and photo taking. Dingos by the side of the road along with a plethora of bush parrots and cockatoos made the section enjoyable. I now have an Eagle feather to keep me company.

I found myself riding on the right hand shoulder of the road often. Thinking why, I came up with the following.

1. Morning Shade

2. Less corrugations for some reason

3. Less dust as the SE Breeze push it away from the traffic.

After Moreton things got hard … quickly. Yesterday’s effort began to take its toll and I struggled to keep the pace up. It felt like it took forever when coming across the numerous “5k to bitumen” signs. What should have taken 10 mins was taking 20. Over it, I find a small creek and pulled over to sulk, consuming a packet of salt and vinegar chips and raspberry lollies. I had 3 water bottles left with 60k to go. This was a worry with an average speed of 20kph on the cards. Once regaining my strength and resolve, I stated to Ride again only to be met by a lady offering me some water, who didn’t have any!

Just as the sun set I finally rolled into Coen, and straight to the sExchange Hotel for a bottle of water and a ginger beer.

Tomorrow’s stage is longer. But 1 step closer!

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