Day 3 Cairns to Cape York MTB. Coen to Musgrave Station

2 Heart Attacks in 2 Minutes!

1. After 180k and 7hrs on the Bike, the last thing you want is a kitchen closed sign!

2. They were setting up the big screen for State of Origin Game 2!

Back to the Start of the Day

After a good nights sleep and a bowl of porridge thanks to my good friends Graeme and Charmaine in Coen I was off again, knowing all too well that today was going to be tough.

From Stage Racing experience I knew Day 3 was always a challenge to start, add to that 300k done and the longest stage at 186k ahead of me. Knowing that I had some “goodie bags” stashed at intervals along the road for fellow MAD MTB’ers the Scoble’s, who had driving up days earlier gave me optimism … along with getting closer to the Tip with each pedal stroke.

I made the 65k to Archer River after 3hrs Ready to take my Burger tally to 4. Doing the maths, that’s 4bpc! 4 burgers per 100k (century).

The run from Archer to the Cape York (Pajinka) was a good run with bitumen and a tailwind all the way. Even managed to get in the TT position for a bit. 110k down and 70 to go with a belly full of food and drink thanks to the Scoble’s 2nd Food stop.

The dirt road for the final 70k was great thankfully. I gave it all I could to arrive at Moreton Telegraph Station on dusk. Another big day. To my dismay, I was greeted with a “Sorry Mate … Kitchen closed”. Fortunately the staff were sympathetic and could see the the side. 4 Pies and a litre of milk later and I was refuelled.

I’m really impressed with how my Giant Anthem Pro is going. Such a capable XC and Marathon Bike …. as well as one of the fastest BikePacking Rigs going around. Super smooth and comfy on the corrugations with all the extra weight in carrying. The lockout is a lifesaver when I need to stand up to pedal up hills without the bags rubbing on the wheels due to suspension bob. Very impressive.

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