Day 4. Cairns to Cape York. Moreton to Elliot Fall (feat. OTL)

Bloody Mad x6

Bloody Legend x2

Why are you doing it?

Where is the motor?

Last night was the first in the Bivy at Moreton Station. A Bivy is like a waterproof bag with a raised section near your face so you can breathe. I like the concept, but way too hot for Cape York … especially with legs that were still cooling down after the days riding. I lay on top of the Bivy until 2am, when it was finally cool enough to zip up.

I was really looking forward to the ride today as I only had 40k of Dirt Road then 80k of the infamous Old Telegraph Track. I downed the obligatory Burger at Bramwell Junction and struck up a conversation with a guy wearing a Paluma Push T-Shirt.

The Old Tele didn’t disappoint! 5hrs of Creek Crossings and a Track that winds through the Heathlands finally stopped my from counting Kilometers. Is driven it twice before and tackling it on a MTB was a dream come true. Despite over 500ks in my legs after 4 days, I was much faster than the 4wds and often overtook traffic jams at creek crossings as they deliberated over which line to take … and get the recovery gear ready.

The questions above have been asked many times so far. And I’ve had plenty of time to consider and we’re. Why? Because I can.

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